WIAW: Take 3

After missing last week, I’m back for What I Ate Wednesday, and a renewed motivation to blog: I’m turning 30 on Friday. That ominous music you hear is exactly what is playing in my head. So, let’s get to it!


I failed at taking a picture, but I had a bowl of Oats & More, a generic version of an unknown cereal (Honey Bunches of Oats, maybe?). It has oat clusters and almonds, very tasty. I had it with some almond milk.


I also had some decaf English Breakfast tea once I got to work, with a splash of Half and Half and honey.



Delicious concoction from the salad bar. Romaine with baked chicken, hard boiled egg slices, broccoli, carrot, and raisin salad, shredded cheese, peas, and olive oil vinaigrette. Awesome. Also a cup of cream of broccoli soup.



Before dinner I ate a snack of two string cheeses, which I forgot to photograph. I was coming down with a migraine that was making me nauseous, so I quickly got some protein into me, which helped.

Dinner was grilled pork tenderloin with grilled summer squash from the CSA, along with leftover tomato cucumber salad (CSA goodness, as well) from the night before. It was delicious, and I only ate about 3/4 before I felt full, so I packed the leftovers for today’s lunch. That gleam you see is my halo shining.

All in all, a successful WIAW!


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