New link up coming!

I’ve decided to join a new weekly link up, since I’ve been enjoying What I Ate Wednesdays so much. Starting next week, each Tuesday I’ll be posting alongside A Bowl Full of Lemons and their One Project at a Time linkup. I’m very excited!

My mom is coming into town this weekend to help me wrangle the babies while my husband is heading West for his sister’s wedding, and I have big plans for her to help me tackle some long lingering organization projects. I should have lots to post about this time next week!

My husband and I moved into our current home a year ago in June, and at the time I was 23 weeks pregnant with twins. To say I was “not much help” in the moving process would be an understatement. I did a lot of organizing from the sidelines, but the majority of the grunt work fell to my husband, since spending a long time on my feet was very difficult (and got more difficult with each week). We moved in but focused on getting the nursery together and other priority projects, so a lot fell to the side. The boys were born in early October, and it has been infinitely more difficult to clean and organize the house since then.

Lately I’ve been putting a lot of energy into maintaining a clean home (seeing your infant pull a clump of dog fur off the living room carpet and start moving it towards his mouth is a big motivator), and I want to continue that as well as deal with things that just never got done when we moved in. Kitchen cabinets that need to be organized thoughtfully, wall art that needs to be hung, gardens that need to be weeded, etc. I’m excited to start sharing these projects each Tuesday!

A Bowl Full of Lemons

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