WIAW: A belated take 2

Yesterday got crazy, so I wasn’t able to post for What I Ate Wednesday as planned. So, here’s What I Ate Thursday 🙂


2013-07-30 07.02.37

Homemade smoothie: Frozen banana, frozen mixed berries, few leaves of romaine, cup of water. I usually make these with almond or coconut milk, but we’d run out so I substituted water. It was definitely different than usual, but still very tasty. I only finished about half of it, so I saved the second half for lunch.

2013-07-30 10.05.47

Coffee for a snack once I got to work. Added half and half, and agave nectar for sweetening. I’ve stopped adding refined sugar to my coffee and tea, and I feel great.


2013-07-30 11.17.21

Leftover salad from last night’s dinner, as well as leftover grilled rosemary potatoes. A cup of chicken noodle soup from the work cafeteria, and the rest of my breakfast smoothie for “dessert.” This really hit the spot and kept me full all day.


2013-07-30 17.11.11

We get home with the boys at 5:30, and they go to bed at 7. This means we aren’t able to start cooking dinner until 7, so we’re eating closer to 8. I’m getting better at not dying by eating that late (before children we used to eat at 5:30 or 6!), but most nights I still have a quick snack to tide me over. On this day it was a solo cup full of dry Honey Nut Cheerios cereal, one of my favorite snacks.


2013-07-30 19.43.18

I’m so not a food blogger, excuse the terrible picture quality. Dinner was grilled pork tenderloin (marinated in lime juice and red pepper flakes, spicy!) and a salad using CSA greens, brie, and a homemade herb vinaigrette. Super delicious.

Overall, a much more successful WIAW! This week I’m focusing on eating very few processed foods, and it’s going great so far.


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