One Project at a Time: Mail Center

Greetings! This is my first time linking up to A Bowl Full of Lemons’ One Project at a Time, and I’m super excited!

Since I posted last Tuesday, I’ve finished a full week of implementing (and keeping up with) a daily cleaning routine. The house looks great! It’s been tough finding the energy and motivation to get everything clean in the evenings (particularly putting away laundry or washing dishes), but it’s been worth it. I feel great afterwards, and the house has never looked better. Starting today, I’m working towards ABFOL’s 14 week home cleaning and organization project, stating with week 1: the kitchen. I have my work cut out for me, but I have a head start because my mom has been visiting and organized a couple cabinets for me while I was at work. Love moms! So hopefully this time next week I’ll have a shiny, well-organized kitchen to crow about.

Speaking of crowing, my One Project for the week was our mail center. Take a look at this terror:


This is a table in a niche between the kitchen and the living room, and it’s become a dumping ground. The mail center is that pile of crap papers/magazines/whatnot on top of a brown inbox. The original intent was to put pressing items on the top, and items to be filed (tax forms, government documents, receipts, etc.) in the drawer. That really never happened, and it’s just been collecting random things.

I was in Staples recently, checking out the Martha Stewart line, and picked up some items to improve our mail system. Voila:


This may not look like a huge improvement, but it is. This is made of a couple items from Martha’s Stack Fit Desk Accessories line, and better suits our needs. The bottom tray holds incoming mail (after it’s been sorted for obvious spam). The organizer up top serves multiple purposes. On the left front I’ve stored everything we’d need to mail out a letter: address labels, custom address stamp, pens/pencils, and postage stamps. We’re forever looking for these items scattered throughout the house, which then slows down sending out bills, thank you notes, etc, so now they’re all in a convenient spot. Next to that is items that need to be acted upon: bills, important notices, daycare forms to be filled out, etc. Behind all that are items to be filed in the office (an enormous project for another day, said office. We’re getting there). Once we have mail addressed and ready to go out, we slide it onto a French message board by our side door (which I forgot to photograph, blast!). So, now everything has a place. I also like the white color, as it pops against the brown wood (as opposed to the old mail center, which blended in) and calls attention to what needs to be done.

A very small project, to be sure, but it helped eliminate an eyesore and addressed a need.

As a quick review, here are some of the fruits of my daily cleaning routine labors:

IMG_1790 IMG_1803IMG_1804 IMG_1810 IMG_1827

Clean kitchen, tidied nightstand (though it still needs some work), organized dresser, clean bathrooms, and empty laundry hamper. We’re getting there, folks.



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