It’s time for another exciting episode of What I Ate Wednesday! Complete with bad smartphone photography! Aren’t you excited?



Store generic cereal with the appealing name of Crispy Hexagons. I forget which cereal this is a knock off of, but it’s crunchy and delicious. Served over almond milk, and accompanied by my new favorite breakfast item: Muller’s greek yogurt with caramelized almonds. So much yum.


Iced coffee with cream and sugar from McDonald’s. I haven’t been drinking these lately (*halo*), but I had an early morning and then a packed schedule at work, so I treated myself on the way into the office.



Salad from the salad bar. Romaine, baked chicken, corn salad, peas, cheese, carrots, with an olive oil vinaigrette. Had it with a big bottle of water and a handful of Skittles from the break room.



It was my birthday last weekend (don’t you love how I’ve neglected to mention anything about turning 30? I’m still grumpy about it), and we’re trying to eat up all the leftover party food. I asked my husband to only make me one turkey dog, but he forgot and made two, so I ate two. I should’ve stopped at one, because I felt pretty full. Had these with grilled summer squash and salad mix from our garden.


Speaking of birthday leftovers…my husband and I split the last piece of my birthday cake for dessert. Red velvet, amazing. Had this with a glass of boxed rosé (pure class over here).

Not a terrible day, but could’ve been better. I’ve been doing really well with eating lately, but I’ve noticed some bad habits creeping in since my birthday weekend (cake and hotdogs every night, anyone?). I’m getting back on track and not stressing about it.

In honor of my new zest for a clean house, I ordered a ton of cleaning supplies yesterday and got to work on establishing a cleaning routine. Last night I got the kitchen completely pulled together (wiped down countertops and the stovetop, rinsed and cleaned the sink, unloaded and loaded the dishwasher, changed the kitchen towels) and wiped down the dining room table. It doesn’t sound like much, but the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, and frequently gets neglected out of sheer exhaustion once the babies go to bed. Tonight I’m going to keep up what I did yesterday, as well as vacuum. I usually vacuum 2-3 times per week (pets + kids = gross floors), but want to start doing a quick vacuum of at least the living room and kitchen daily. I’m following the establishment of a cleaning routine from A Bowl Full of Lemons. Love her.


My clean kitchen before I headed to bed. A wonderful feeling. And then my husband put dishes in the sink and I briefly contemplated divorce papers.


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