WIAW: Take 1

My very first What I Ate Wednesday was…a disaster!

I had such grand plans, and they all turned to garbage. But here’s an honest look at my day.


Solo cup of dry Honey Nut Cheerios (not pictured). I forgot to take a picture for my very first WIAW!

IMG_1696 McDonald’s iced coffee with cream and sugar. A guilty pleasure.


IMG_1698 “Hot Pig” sandwich: salami, pepperoni, pepperjack cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and jalapenos on chiabatta. I forewent the included southwest mayo on the side in favor of plain hot sauce. Spicy and delicious.

IMG_1699 Peanut butter bar. Eh hem. I ate about 3/4 of it with lunch, and then finished the rest as a late afternoon snack. Worth the calories.


Here’s where things really went downhill. I had angelic goals of heating up the leftover quinoa and kale I’d made a huge batch of the night before, but when I opened the container I found a…the best word I can find is “grub”…IN the quinoa. The kale came from my CSA, and we find a few bugs mixed in on a regular basis. Not a huge deal (bugs are all over plants in the growing phase, after all), but finding it in the quinoa threw me off into an irrational spiral. Had it been alive when I put it in the fridge? If so, had it crawled throughout the entire container? What if it laid eg-OK, I’ll spare you that thought. I was being completely irrational, but I just couldn’t stomach eating it. So I tossed all that beautiful quinoa, and I was so upset about it I refused to make anything else. Real mature.

IMG_1700 My husband attempted to save the day with some baked chicken strips and chipotle maple barbecue sauce. Not the healthiest choice, but I was just emotionally done by that point. Note the mint julep in the shot as evidence of that.

So, my first WIAW was rough, but there’s always next week!


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